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The Highly Contemporary UI/UX Design from a Silicon Valley.

Museum Of The Future

The tri-lead forces of the Killa Design, Buro Happold Engineering Consultancy, and BAM International as its main contractor launched this dream into realization. And with Timelapse ME in the picture, a powerful reminiscent was dispersed for the world to witness an architectural revolution!

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Expo 2020

Expo 2020 branched out of Al Wasl-the connecting vestibule at the center to encompass the 200 visions that countries showcased. Rising to this occasion, our cameras helped millions across the globe who couldn't visit or wouldn't have visited Dubai until then tour the place virtually!

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How do you make a time-lapse for a construction project?

Construction projects can benefit from clear, high-quality project time-lapse cameras in a variety of ways, such as project management, thorough project documentation, continuous development, project promotion, and more.

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Why is time-lapse important?

A time-lapse is a sequence of images taken at regular intervals, typically with a high frame rate. It can produce an effect that would be impossible to achieve in the real world.

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What is the difference between timelapse and hyperlapse?

Hyperlapse is a subset of time-lapse as it uses the techniques of time-lapse photography, they have their own advantages as well.

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How do you make a hyper-lapse video with a drone?

Day & night filming (Aerial filming and photography), Interior Filming (Indoor architectural & industrial filming), heavy lift drones (1DC 4K, 5D Mark III) and much more.

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event timelapse

Timelapse Services for Event Coverage: Capturing Your Event in Motion

Timelapse services can be used to capture events in motion, providing a visual record of the event that showcases its highlights and key moments.

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Benefits of Time-lapse Photography: How Our Service Can Help You

From breathtaking sunsets and bustling cityscapes to construction progress and natural phenomena, time-lapse photography captures the dynamic changes that occur over time.

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