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TimeLapse Filming

4K Ultra HD TimeLapse Videos

We believe in setting new benchmarks as we move forward with every new project undertaken. Providing high quality services, we use TimeLapse cameras to create ultra HD TimeLapse movies, marketing material and historic archiving. Our documentaries can further be accessed by project management team, safety team, designers and project consultants. Working on high end professional DSLR's, we make sure we have high-resolution photo's taken at regular intervals. Having these superb shots compiled, these can be made from a long project journey into a small film in a jiffy. Giving you full opportunities to zoom, pan and crop these pictures without any loss of quality, TimeLapse Middle East photos are a joy to see and further be used for high quality marketing and PR purpose.

4G-Integrated Intervalometer

Configure your system, receive status updates and get photos sent directly to your web gallery and backup, all over the 4G network. At the heart of the TimeLapse ME system is the low-powered controller, which triggers the camera and connects regularly to the 4G network to receive configuration settings, send photos and provide status updates. These specialized custom built equipment, utilizes HSDPA, the most common 4G technology around the world.

TimeLapse Storage on the Cloud

With a wide range of tremendous benefits, TimeLapse Middle East moving a step further into the digital world, offers you the ultimate solution of online storage, syncing and file sharing on the Cloud. Want safe and more secure storage? Visit the site from any device, and access the data at your customized URL, which is complete with your choice of layout, logos and client login. Having customizable web gallery of latest photos, these along with all the full resolution photos are sent straight from us to your Drop Box account or the FTP server.

Real-Time TimeLapse Status Reporting

TimeLapse MiddleEast collaborates in really Real-Time, which means giving you the freedom to view your status reports from anywhere and anydevice, be it your iPhone/iPad or any android phone. All you need is a web browser and a connection to the Internet. And once you connect, you will get a sense of satisfaction of how safe your equipment is and how the work is progressing. Does this not mean you having the ability to check on to every minuscule detail on the web interface by the automatic email alerts about the progress or if at all something goes awry.

Change Intervalometer Settings Remotely

Remotely configure over twenty settings from your computer, tablet or smartphone at anytime during the project. There’s nothing worse than setting up remote TimeLapse equipment, only to return in a month and discover the battery died weeks ago. Configure your TimeLapse equipment to trigger photos anywhere between one every ten minutes and just one per week. You can even change the regime mid-project, anytime and from anywhere! The web interface also allows you to configure when to upload your images (every image as its taken, one per hour or as a batch overnight), remotely format the micro SD card and adjust your e-mail alerts.

Fully Solar-Powered TimeLapse

Low-powered electronics completely powered by just a small lithium-ion battery and 10W solar. The TimeLapse ME’s custom built low-powered electronics means the whole system can run off just a one square foot (10W) solar panel. And if it’s cloudy, the standard 10.2Ahr battery will last up to five days without recharge.

* AC power option also available.

* At a shooting regime of 16 photos/day and in an area of strong 4G network signal.

Best Weatherproof TimeLapse Housing

We completely understand of how valuable our equipment is. And therefore, we value it the same way. Providing you with the best weatherproof housing, TimeLapse MiddleEast keeps your apparatus totally safe and secure inside the IP-66 weatherproof housing, as there is more than just water that can harm your equipment.

We have housing Pro and Mini, which are fitted with optical pure glass giving your apparatus the valuable protection from weather and theft it deserves. They are fitted with high security vandal resistant locks.

Our electronics are therefore successfully tested to -22 C to 55 C as they have been deployed to areas as hot as Ruwais (UAE) in July and as cold as Siwa (Egypt) in December.

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