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Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai


60 Million working hours over a span of 8 years, and the hard work finally reaped its true rewards when on October 1st, 2021, Dubai inaugurated the pavilions of more than 192 countries. If you haven't checked the timelapse of this majestic construction yet, we implore you to check it here! The event was recorded as the 71st World Expo, held in Dubai, its theme being, Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. And to quote this appreciable construction, in the words of His Highness, the head of the host country, "Expo 2020 was intended to set standards for the world to follow!"

And very well it did!

As countries adhered to the three sub-themes that were mobility, sustainability, and possibility, the collective vibrance became an international sight to behold! The pavilions starred their scintillating takes on the 2020's theme, and we at Timelapse ME worked to capture it all!

Expo 2020 branched out of Al Wasl-the connecting vestibule at the center to encompass the 200 visions that countries showcased. Rising to this occasion, our cameras helped millions across the globe who couldn't visit or wouldn't have visited Dubai until then tour the place virtually!

Although a fun fact, Expo 2020, in reality, was held in 2021 as the former was the year of the pandemic that barred the world activities, including this significant world event from partaking. It was an inconvenience met by everyone from the authorities to the workforce and the participants who had to adapt to it. This included the final touches to the pavilions and the conduction of rehearsals that were further stretched. Despite this delay, the name Expo 2020 has been retained owing to the branding that had already dispersed far and wide.

  • The Then Present
This memory of 6 months was preserved for the world to see via our high-precision timelapse cameras that brought to the world a near-eye experience of this world fair! As countries lighted their best versions, matching with the three sub-themes, the world was in awe at the progress humans have attained!

Capturing the essence that each country had to offer, especially UAE, whose peculiar falcon facade put up a breathtaking show in the evenings, and became the talk of the town, our technology brought out the very best of this fair!
  • The Then Past
Our cameras connected the distant and the most crucial members of this project for it to be completed within time. Although the world had to wait for another year for its grand opening, it was worth it!

For eight long years, our on-site cameras stood their ground against the extremities of this region's weather to deliver results that were as if nurtured by human hands. Here our state-of-the-art construction cameras meticulously operated to collect the fine details of its exquisite rise to be preserved for generations to come!

We collected a reminiscence of the 182 days of the hustle and bustle where the world demonstrated its best of art, culture, technology, and architecture, even the music that resonated in this span of 4.38 sq km!
  • The Future
An 8 Billion dollar festival and a construction time of over eight years couldn't just be extinguished right after it ended, and the administration of Dubai made sure of it. So say Hello to the future of Expo 2020 i.e. District 2020.

Intrinsically, the district emanates opportunity, and high-tech connectivity built on modern lines. It is aimed to sustain the existing population and entice visitors from around the world, round the year!

The establishment is built on a circular grid with low-rise buildings and pedestrian-friendly streets. The overall look is designed to give a local feeling of the traditional market or, as the locals call it, the suk. The main attractions of this district being offices, community facilities, residential areas, educational institutes, parklands, and science centers.

You can get a better idea of living by knowing that District 2020 is currently ranked no.45 in the IMD Smart Cities Index 2019, which lies higher than even Seoul or Paris.

Where Do We Fit in The Future

As planned by the authorities, 80% of the festival ground will be renovated. One can only wonder what more can be churned out of this wonderland! And how can it be rendered achievable? The Group Chairman and CEO of the project management firm, Lorenzo Candelpergher, shared a valuable insight on this.

He quoted the need for the designers to focus on analyzing the photo documentation of the earlier construction i.e. Expo 2020's architecture. Before demolishing any monument, he stressed the need to revisit the original construction. Guess whose efforts are naturally acknowledged? Ours indeed.

This is us! We ensure our job at photo documentation is done and worthy of being referenced to, Simply put, one that effuses perfection and utility for any and all follow-up activities! Do you have a project that requires our expertise? Here is how you can connect with us. You can also catch a glimpse of our projects here.

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