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    Welcome to TimeLapse Middle East
    Garnering attention for its brilliant techniques coupled with skilful expertise,
    Share progress across the room or across the globe for the first time in the entire region of GCC.
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    Aerial Progress
    We conduct photo shoots from above the ground and on it. Monitoring progress from
    such high angles offers powerful perspectives of how challenging our work is.
    We make sure that we reveal the most interesting facts about your work being done.
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    Infrastructure Project Specialist
    We are a bunch of thorough professionals who are proficient and qualified enough to be
    called as 'Infrastructure Specialists'. Abreast with the latest technology, we capture the
    construction progress and give the pictures and videos the significant meanings they deserve.
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    The devices we work with to painstakingly capture all the significant details are the
    high end professional 4G cameras
    , which transform our clients work to conventional automated image analysis.
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    Largest Network
    TimeLapse Middle East has emerged as having the largest client base in G.C.C.
    We believe in building real and positive relationships with our clients.
    Keeping track of these values, we stick to them with diligence. This is the right attitude which has got us where we are.
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    With an assiduous mindset, we learn as we move forward.
    Working with passion and perseverance, we are touching new highs. Been recognised by Dubai SME 100.
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    Monitoring work aerially requires precision. Our crew and cameras are enough conversant to even check and monitor
    the progress of the skyscrapers among other construction sites.
    How do we restrict our impetus just to the sky, when there are footsteps on the moon?

Document Progress?

Like what we do? Want us to document progress at your construction site?
We are happy to help. We give you what you want; simple and memorable, coordinating each required detail.


Latest Projects

Being the only specialized company in the region, timelapse has got all the dexterous people around who get down to all the meticulous details, flying speck for our customers ensuring that the work is done and dusted blow-by-blow.

Our Services

We believe in creativity with 100% transparency of the projects  undergoing our supervision. We get down to the brass tacks by interviewing the crew working on site to get the work done facing various challenges on a day-to-day basis with every aspect related to the work in progress.  


Timelapse Filming

Providing high quality services, we use timelapse cameras to create ultra HD timelapse movies, marketing material and historic archiving. Our documentaries can further be accessed by project management team, safety team, designers and project consultants.


Drone Filming

Being the most sought after drone filming company in the Middle East, we have drones which are great for capturing videos from property developers for commercials to satellite TV channels for broadcasting. We have more than 1000 hours of flying time.


Aerial Filming

Filming the progress with precision, we hire helicopters making the shoots as challenging as they can be. Capturing things aerially means offering drastically different and breathtaking photos.


Progressive Filming

Believing in high quality professionalism, we use customized, maintenance-free cameras for progressive filming.Providing you real-time video feed of your jobsite, our work is hassle free making it apt for further use.

Work Process

Passion . Perseverance . Power




Well begun is half done!
Is it not a good idea to initiate the survey with a casual descriptive chat over a cup of coffee?
Contact us about how you want TimeLapse Middle East and project monitoring to be used most effectively for your project.
We appreciate the time you are taking to converse with us.




You won't miss us.
We just won't let you, as we'd be available 24*7 throughout the project while it is in progress. We ensure you smooth services by installing the easy ‘TimeLapse’ unit at any location that enables a clear field view of the whole project.





What's more appealing than to have serious realistic marketing tools to promote your project or even whole of the work?
We let you logon to your customized interface enabling you access the stream of images appearing clockwise, giving you the required freedom to download, zoom, crop, pan and so much more for your areas of interest.

Our Work

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